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Integrating Technology in Therapy

We live in a world that is in constant flux and development. Sometimes we may feel that our personal time is no longer a necessity but a luxury and we forget to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Dr. Schacter is sensitive to the constraints which make it difficult for individuals to receive help.  She suggests alternative strategies to increase access to therapy by integrating technology into her practice. She feels that her clients shouldn’t miss the opportunity to receive the help they need and therefore attempts increase access to mental healthcare by using technologies such as instant messaging, online scheduling, phone and webcam sessions. Research has shown that timing is critical for personal growth and change, therefore the use of technology will assist potential clients by making it a easy to receive immediate information, support and treatment.

This Type of Therapy May Be Useful To:

  • Couples with different work schedules

  • Family members who might be traveling or don’t have the means of transport to physically attend a session.

  • Individuals with disabilities unable to drive or attend a scheduled session

  • Clients who feel more comfortable and safe in their own familiar space 

  • Individuals who need immediate feedback and guidance

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