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Family Therapy

Dr. Schacter is also uniquely qualified as a Family Therapist. Through her personalized client-centered approach, she can help loved ones find solutions to cope collaboratively with any issues, misunderstandings, or pain that may have a negative impact on their relationships. 

Sessions typically start with the affected family members to gain an understanding of the family dynamic and to determine the root of the issues that are affecting their relationships.  A specialized family therapy treatment plan is used in these meetings that is carefully adapted to meet the needs of the individuals involved. The course of treatment will depend on the therapy goals, ages of individuals, their needs, resources, and unique preferences. In cases with children, specialized exercises such as drawing and games may help them express their true emotions in a creative and engaging manner. 

Family Therapy Can Be Helpful To:

  • Better understanding of the family system and dynamics 

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses within the family system

  • Setting goals and devise strategies to resolve problems

  • Developing better communication skills

  • Making the entire family unit stronger

  • More cooperation and harmony

Family Therapy Common Issues:


  • Birth or adoption of a child

  • Step-parenting

  • Work and school-related problems

  • Parent-child conflict

  • Stressful and traumatic life events

  • Disaccord in the home

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