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Single Session Therapy

For many individuals, couples, and families, mental health services are either inaccessible, or simply too daunting a thought, due to factors such as the uncertainty related to the type of help needed or where to find it, concerns around time commitment, fear of financial burden, stigmas related to receiving help, difficulty finding the right therapist, or challenges dealing with insurance companies.


Melissa is aware of these challenges, and is sensitive to prospective clients’ concerns. Single Session Therapy is a unique approach that resolves many of the issues related to accessibility, as it provides clients with practical, effective, efficient, positive, affordable, and hassle-free mental health care.


In Single Session Therapy, one session is considered by both therapist and client to be a complete treatment. Typically, a Single Session Therapy appointment can range from 1-3 hours. While this concept is unconventional, it’s been proven to be highly effective.


Issues that are suitable for Single Session Therapy treatment include decision-making, life transitions, break-ups, relationship challenges, and more. Single Session Therapy is not recommended for chronic mental health problems, prolonged self-exploration, or persistent/habitual issues.


Single Session Therapy can be particularly useful for clients who have reservations about traditional, and extended forms of psychotherapy, as well as for those who feel a desire to bounce thoughts off a qualified, critical-thinking, unbiased third party mental health professional.


The main goal of Single Session Therapy is to empower people by helping them help themselves.

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