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“I feel privileged to be welcomed into the intimate depths of people’s lives. My work is challenging, stimulating, inspiring, and exciting, and I look forward to helping people make positive life changes each and every day.”

-Dr. Melissa Schacter

As individuals, couples, and families seek out help during times of pain, hurt, distress, or grievance, Dr. Melissa Schacter’s chief objective is to be there to provide much-needed support. She’s extremely passionate about her clinical work, and believes strongly that therapy can bring very real positive change to people’s lives.


Melissa’s vast experience and training in brief psychotherapy have allowed her to specialize in a unique and effective approach called Single Session Therapy, which is both time-sensitive and practical for patients looking for immediate help from the very first session. Melissa has worked in a variety of clinical settings, and has a collaborative, holistic approach with her clients. Her goal is to get to the root of the problem and make a determination together with the client about the appropriate steps toward healing.

Melissa aims to equip clients with the necessary tools to begin feeling better as quickly as possible, while also developing more enduring patterns. She considers herself to be a strength-based practitioner, as she designs bespoke treatment interventions according to her client’s skills, strengths, and goals.


Melissa encourages client growth and progress in a way that promotes independence, autonomy, and self-sufficiency. While she’s encouraging and positive by nature, she doesn’t shy away from raising self-awareness, inspiring growth, and encouraging positive change. Melissa’s clients consistently rave about her transparency, warmth, and practicality; as well as her willingness to provide personalized and tailored care specific to the strengths and needs of her clients.

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